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Welcome to Indigenous Storytelling, a website for schools and youth across Canada to celebrate Indigenous culture, as well as learn about the various cultural differences and similarities with various Indigenous cultures in Canada. Take some time to explore our interactive map by clicking on the treaty that interests you. Enjoy watching informational videos done by students, staff, and elders, and learn about various cultural landmarks that hold great significance to Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Don’t forget to check our resource page for websites that provide further information on education, heritage, and mental health.

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British Columbia

Seven Grandfather Teachings

The Seven Grandfathers represent each important lesson given to any child by the Creator. In order to overcome societal ills of disrespect, fear, lies, shame, pride, and cheating, the Seven Grandfathers represent each of the seven traits one must develop in order to life a good life. The teachings are inter-dependent and rely on the complete set of principles to bring happiness in one’s life.


Beaver that represents Wisdom

The Creator gave the beaver large teeth and an instinct to build. The beaver represents Wisdom because of his natural gift for altering his environment in an ecologically-friendly and sustainable way for the benefit of his family.

Wisdom is the learning from not only your own experience but the observing and absorbing of the knowledge of others. The wisdom that comes from learning from your experiences and that of others, provides you sound judgement from which to base future decisions.


Turtle that represents Truth

The truth will set you free in many ways. Hiding the truth is like a carrying the turtle. At first it is small and in the palm of your hand, soon the turtle grows to massive proportions. To speak truthfully, not just to others but to oneself, is not always easy but one does not regret the relief from the burden of hiding the truth.


Wolf that represents Humility

Humility is the knowledge that all of the Creator’s creatures are equal to one another. Not every creature is skilled in the same capacity, but are skilled in their own way, nonetheless. To be humble is a demonstration of internal strength.


Eagle that represents Love

Love is represented by the Eagle because they are loving parents to their offspring. The Eagle’s ability to soar above the highest and closest to the Creator makes an eagle feather a sacred gift of the highest honour.

Unconditional love is the gift of strength in times of weakness. Communities rely on unconditional love in order to push through difficult times and it is shared with those that need it the most. Devotion can take many forms and it may not always be apparent, it is the purity of the intention that matters most. Loving sincerely will fill your heart with love.


Bear that represents Courage

The mother bear has the courage to face the strength of her male counterpart, who is three times her size, in order to protect her young. Her inner strength is an example for her cubs.

Confronting problems with integrity, despite the consequences, is an act of bravery. To muster the strength in the face of adversity is critical because life is not easy. Each test of our strength makes us stronger. One act of courage is likely to spur another.


Bison that represents Respect

The Bison represents respect as it sacrifices every part of his being to sustain the human way of living. Indigenous peoples have sustained because the bison provides clothing food, shelter, and inspiration. The Bison teaches us not to be wasteful, to share with those in need, and respect the balance and needs of others.

Respecting each child of the Creator, including oneself, is to honour the Creator. The demonstration of respect will earn you respect in return. Do not bring harm to others physically mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Deliver respect and you will be rewarded in spades.


Sabe that represents Honesty

The Sabe has a deep understanding of who they are and are a reminder from the Creator to be true to who we are to walk tall and the Sabe serves as a guide to accepting who we really are.

Honesty is more than just truth in words. Honesty with oneself and others at all times is integrity. To always speak the truth makes you truthful and trustworthy. One action does not construct your character, but your habits, and the collection of all your actions, do..